Vegan indulgence for different skin types – Made in Austria. Who wants to smear chemical cocktails on their skin? That’s right! The same was thought of at PURE SKIN FOOD and they developed a care range that had to meet high demands.

  • Free from chemicals and any additives
  • 100% organic
  • made from pure cold-pressed oils
  • effective & soothing
  • Climate neutral production in Southeastern Styria
  • vegan & cruelty-free – from ingredients to label

From this, a layering skincare system of pure nutrient-rich oils and plant essences was created that brings the skin back into balance and makes it radiant. Layering comes from the Far East and follows a principle of layers, the idea of which is based on the fact that the individual advantages of cosmetics do not add up, but are “layered on top of each other” – for maximum beauty! And why oils? Oils penetrate deeper into the skin, sustainably supply it with essential fatty acids and moisture, and protect against harmful environmental influences.

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