BIOSOLIS is a complete line of sun care products that only contain plant- and mineral-based ingredients. The 100% mineral sunscreen without nanoparticles protects your skin without irritating it by reflecting harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB). BIOSOLIS also includes a high percentage of organic Aloe Vera to naturally nourish and hydrate your skin. All products with a great, easily spreadable texture!


  • Milk for Face and Body SPF 15 and 30
  • Milk for face and body Kids SPF 50
  • Sun Oil SPF 6
  • Sun Oil SPF 20
  • Melt in Cream SPF 30
  • Sun Cream Alpine LSF 30
  • Sun Spray LSF 50
  • Extreme Fluid very high sun protection LSF 50+
  • After-Sun Milk
  • Self Tanning Spray

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